On May 15th 2019, project collaborator Ivona Capjak (Mr. Pharm.) defended her doctoral thesis titled “Effect of size, shape and surface structure of silver nanoparticles on their interaction with model proteins”.

The thesis was made at the Institute of Medical Research and Occupational Health under the supervision of Dr Ivana Vinković Vrček, and the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb with co-supervision of Dr Snadra Šupraha Goreta.

The results presented in the thesis are a significant contribution to the field of safe and effective nanomedicine, and will advance the knowledge of nano-bio interactions, facilitate the design of save and effective nanomaterials and enable the assembly of guidelines necessary for regulation and approval of novel nanomedical systems. With that in regard, the comission consisting of: Dr. Tin Weitner (Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry), Dr Jasna Jablan (Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry) and Dr Maja Dotour Sikirić (Rudjer Boskovic Institute) assigned the thesis the honorific magna cum laude (with great honor).

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