The COST action CA17140 Work group 2 online conference was held on June 22nd and 23rd 2021, to present the latest accomplishments of the action Nano2Clinic: Cancer Nanomedicine – from the bench to the bedside. Work group 2 focuses on the physico-chemical characterization and quality control of nanopharmaceutics.

Dr Ivana Vinković Vrček, leader of the Laboratory for nanomedicine and nanotoxicology, was one of the conference organizers, member of the scientific committee and the editor of the Book of Abstracts. Our collaborator Rafael Ramírez Jiménez held an oral presentation titled “Evaluation of nano-bio interactions of doxorubicin-coated gold nanoparticles”, where he presented the results of the experiments conducted during his research stay at IMROH. The Book of Abstracts is available here.

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