Project acronym: ECHA/2022/502.Lot 2

Project duration: September 8th 2023 – September 8th 2029

Project coordinator: QSAR LAB Ltd., Poland

Our role: Leader group for in vitro and in vivo toxicology

Funded by: European Chemical Agency (ECHA)

Total budget: 1 800 000,00 EUR


The main objective of this framework contract (FWC) is to provide services related to methodological developments and data generation for the assessment and building of sets of nanoforms and to support ECHA in its tasks.

  1. The overarching goal of the multiannual framework contract is to address the needs in the development and further improvement of the framework for sameness/similarity criteria for sets of nanoforms. The Tenderer, as a Consortium bringing together experts in synthesis and physicochemical characterization, toxicity and ecotoxicity assessment of nanomaterials as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches, offers his service in the development, validation and implementation of a new framework supported by NAMs. The Tenderer offers consultancy services related to NAMs and their regulatory implementation for nanoforms through performing reviews in relevant research areas, carrying out case studies with experimental and in silico approaches, conducting surveys and workshops with experts and representants of key groups of stakeholders: regulatory, industry and academia.
  1. Moreover, the Tenderer proposes to prepare the complete workflow with a timeline for the development, validation and implementation of a new framework for sameness/similarity assessment of a set of nanoforms. The Tenderer’s ambition is to deliver a scientifically valid and regulatory-relevant framework supported with NAMs, which allows for the reliable safety assessment and registration of nanoforms, while being sustainable and useful for industry.

Project partners:

QSAR LAB Ltd., Poland

University of Lodz, Poland

Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Croatia

European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ERCE
, Poland