From 12-14 September 2022, 26 members of the PHOENIX-OITB project consortium met at the Luxembourg Learning Center near host LIST’s campus in Esch-sur-Alzette for the Month 18 General Assembly and first periodic review by the European Commission. Several members as well as the project officer from the European Commission joined remotely. The meeting was led by host and project coordinator Dr. Tommaso Serchi (LIST) and project scientific coordinator Dr. Nazende Günday-Türeli (MyBiotech).

In addition to updates from each work package, the two-day General Assembly offered ample time for in-depth discussion about our demo cases, service portfolio, the PHOENIX-OITB gGmbH, and upcoming Open Call. Colleagues from our 12 beneficiaries offered each other feedback, including solutions to challenges arising in the project. Overall, we are very pleased with the progress of this OITB project and are looking forward to the next steps.

On September 13th the consortium took a tour of the facilities at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), led by Dr. Tommaso Serchi. View a short video of our tour highlights on LinkedIn here.

Preparations for the launch of our Open Call – offering pro bono services to end-users to validate our service portfolio – are underway and the Open Call will be launched soon! Visit our website October 10th to find out all the details and application requirements.

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