Dr Marija Milić, Master of Biochemistry, successfully defended her doctoral thesis that was made within the NanoFaceS project “Interaction of metallic nanoparticles with sulphur-containing biomolecules – implications for nano-bio interface”, under the co-menthorship of Dr Ivana Vinković Vrček and mentorship of Prof Vatroslav Šerić. Thesis defense was held on May 14 2021 at the School of Medicine, University of Osijek.

The thesis titled ” The effect of different silver nanoparticles on hemostasis” was defended in front of the comittee consisting of: Dr Martina Smolić, associate professor from University of Osijek School of Medicine, Dr Aleksandar Sečenji, assistant professor from University of Osijek Department of Chemistry and Dr Biserka Getaldić-Švarc, assistant professor from University of Split Department of Health Studies. Thus Dr Milić successfully completed the postgraduate doctoral study Biomedicine and Health, gaining the title of PhD.

Dr Milić defending her thesis.

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