The International Conference “Recent Advances in Nanotechnology – 10th Anniversary of the BNT Center of the University of Bialystok” was held in the period from 28/05 to 01/06/2023 at the University Campus in Bialystok, 1K Ciolkowskiego Str., Bialystok, Poland.

The conference was attended by dr. sc. Nikolina Kalčec and Nikolina Peranić, mag. chem., where they both held their oral lectures.

Dr. sc. Nikolina Kalčec gave a lecture on the topic “Mass Spectrometry Imaging for Nephrotoxicity Evaluation of Different Doxorubicin Formulations” (PHOENIX and SENDER), while Nikolina Peranić, mag. chem presented “In vivo efficacy testing of nanodrugs for Parkinson’s disease treatment” (SENDER).

The main goal of the conference was to create an international platform for the exchange of scientific ideas on the topic of nanotechnology.

The topics were divided into three main thematic panels covering issues related to nanomaterials, their characteristics, applications and biological activity.

Main topics discussed during the meeting:

  • Diversity of nanomaterials
  • Functionalization of nanomaterials
  •  Characterization and modifications of nanomaterials
  • Applications of nanomaterials
  • Nanocomposites
  • Toxicity of nanomaterials

The conference is co-financed from the state budget under the “Doskonała nauka” program, Recent achievements is nanotechnology – 10-th anniversary of BNT Center University of Bialystok (contract no. DNK/SP/548576/2022), project value 124 500 PLN, co-financing 109 000 PLN.

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